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Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S61022013 tips

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The Galaxy Y Duos is a entry-level smartphone powered by the Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) and a processor running at 832 MHz. It features a 3.14 inch touchscreen, a 3 megapixel camera capable of recording video footage in an average quality (240x320 pixels).

This smartphone is distinguished by the fact it is dual SIM card hybrid. It can download data 3G while continuing to chat or send messages on the second line - the hybrid mode allows you to do everything at once. You can also use your personal SIM and your SIM professional so you do not use a single mobile that lets you manage and your two lines independently.

Powered by the Android operating system, this smartphone provides easy access to mobile Internet, Google services, and the Android Market application store. Multimedia, the Galaxy S is particularly suitable for reading text content (books, articles, office documents??) And video (DivX, TV programs??).

The Samsung Duos Galaxy Y is compatible with 3G + (HSDPA), A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi b / g / n and a 3.5mm jack. Note that the memory is only 160MB, but thankfully Samsung provides a micro SD memory card 2 GB
In the hierarchy of Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Y is placed at the bottom of the ladder. Its technical characteristics are measured, but not in price, which aims to democratize Android.

The Galaxy Y is not a smartphone as well known as others in the range of Android Korean manufacturer. It is easily upstaged by the two devices like Galaxy S, or even the Galaxy Ace. It must be said that the smartphone we are testing here is not of those who are intended to shine brightly on billboards. Its technical characteristics very measured not really dreaming, but the Galaxy has only Y do. It has a concealed weapon: a price of around 130 euros excluding pack which few can boast Android smartphones.

Y test samsung Android 2.3 Gingerbread Free Mobile

For this price, Samsung proposes a device with compact dimensions (104 x 58 x 11.5 mm), with a 3-inch screen QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels). The guts of the beast beat to the rhythm of a ARMv6 processor clocked at 830 MHz and 290 MB of memory (RAM). They allow users to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread on which Samsung has added his usual TouchWiz user interface. Multimedia side, the 2 megapixel camera sensor can shoot in a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 15 frames per second. The 160 MB internal memory can thankfully be extended with a microSD memory card slot up to 32GB

If skimp on certain features, the Galaxy, however, the Y offers total in terms of connectivity, with 3G + (HSDPA 7.2Mbps), Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS (A-GPS).

The contents of the pack is provided in which the smartphone is very classic and offers no frills, which is hardly surprising given the price at which the device is marketed. Note that Samsung has still been kind enough to include a 1 GB memory card
Design a well-rounded

The Galaxy Is sports a really strong family resemblance with other Android smartphones of the Galaxy. If one looks closely, it even looks like a miniature version of the Galaxy Ace. One finds the same black front, and almost completely smooth, which only affects the mechanical plant, located under the screen, flush. The sides in imitation Chrome also recall the Ace. While we complain when tested in the latter of too great resemblance to Apple's iPhone, the miniaturized version of what the Galaxy Y goes much better.

Y test samsung Android 2.3 Gingerbread Free Mobile

Y test samsung Android 2.3 Gingerbread Free Mobile

Its rounded edges and colored shell make something attractive. Its design and build quality are also very correct. Obviously, the builder did not use any precious material for machining the hull of this smartphone, merely plastic. But these are good quality and properly assembled. The finishes are equally blameless.

Y test samsung Android 2.3 Gingerbread Free Mobile

Y test samsung Android 2.3 Gingerbread Free Mobile

Add to that a back, the rear face has a grid pattern, and ultimately you will get a Galaxy Y design as polished as its big brothers much more expensive with the same manufacturer. His grip is also very good. With its tiny size, it is suitable for all types of users, although we will see later that those who have large fingers will suffer to enter text on the small screen.
Correct interface, but has its limits

Once lit the smartphone is the Samsung TouchWiz interface that welcomes the user. It is superimposed on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so that the interface of the latter is never really apparent. However, TouchWiz does not really change the philosophy of Android, merely to make some small touches to ergonomics and appearance of the whole. With the technical rather limited Galaxy Y, we feared that the interface of Samsung does too Stavros Dimas the entire system, causing slowdowns. Fortunately, this is not the case at all. The Galaxy Y is certainly not a rocket, but it offers a sufficiently fluid and responsive navigation within its menus to find nothing to complain about. The manufacturer has perfectly calibrated staffing smartphone hardware with the ARMv6 processor clocked at 830 MHz and 290 MB of memory (RAM). It is important not to ask too much this duo. But he can manage in parallel and smooth all the daily tasks such as Calling, manage their social networks, listening to music, send emails and text messages, etc.. However, you can write off intensive applications, such as the latest 3D games for example.

We were pleased that Samsung did not put the cheap version of its TouchWiz interface in the smartphone, but the same version as found in the Galaxy Ace.

Note that unless you have very thin fingers, typing on the screen of the Galaxy Y can be complicated. That's better by putting the smartphone in landscape mode, but this is not a panacea. This is not the responsiveness of the screen on which we return is also due, but the small size of this display.
A screen that symbolizes the limits of the smartphone

Good for a smartphone at this price: the touchscreen is capacitive. Some manufacturers may be tempted to put a resistive screen for a mobile as cheap. Samsung has not yielded to such temptation would have sealed the user experience, resistive screens are far less responsive and pleasant to use than capacitive screens. But otherwise, this screen is not very exciting. It has really reduced viewing angles, a brightness and contrast perfectible uninviting. It displays a QVGA resolution which inevitably lacks finesse with 240 x 320 pixels. The set is still watchable and usable.

The main function that suffers from this low resolution is web browsing. The Galaxy is part of Y smartphones that lack of technical high enough to qualify the Flash player in the web browser. But otherwise, it's the same browser found in other Android smartphones. He still has advanced features such as reformatting the text on the fly to fit the screen, multiple windows, etc.. But he finds himself singularly handicapped by the small screen size and above all by its resolution. These two factors combined to compel incessant zooming pages to display the text legibly.
A good player, to forget for the capture of photo / video

Obviously, with a sheet that displays a 2-megapixel camera sensor in 2012, we understand immediately that Y Photography and Galaxy will not mix. This smartphone lets you capture a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. What is not so bad for those who do not want to print their pictures, but only watch them on the screen of their phone or their computer. Alas, when a manufacturer goes down as low in the resolution it offers, there is logically no effort on the quality of the optics in order to cut costs of production. This is the case for the Galaxy Y which has a view of a terrible quality. The captured images are desperately short of details, the colors are not faithful and contrasts are horribly managed. As for the video, we spare him public humiliation. Simply put its records in 320 x 240 pixels at 15 frames will be used only for MMS ... to the limit.

For playback of multimedia content, the performance of the screen immediately put a damper on the consultation of videos. The video player is yet much of the game, with characteristics almost identical to that of other family members Galaxy. With the notable exception of the lack of support for popular video formats such as DivX / Xvid. Some free apps from the Android Market as MX Video Player, however, can play movies and series in these formats natively unsupported by telephone, provided that such content is standard definition. For photos, the gallery is the same as on most other Android smartphones, and presents no particular problem. Finally, the music player is by far the most successful multimedia function of the entire smartphone. This is the one with the least ashamed of the comparison with more upscale appliances. In the absence of transcendent rendering audio is very clean. The Galaxy Y also has equalizers to refine listening to a song or display album art when available. To really take advantage of its audio rendering, it will nevertheless consider purchase another headset than the one that Samsung provides. As so often with mobile phones, this headset which also serves as a hands-free kit is not up to par.
A good quality / price ratio but ruthless competition

As discussed throughout this test, the Galaxy Y is not directed to tech-savvy who can afford to pay hundreds and thousands to offer the latest fashionable toy. No, this smartphone for those who can not or simply did not want to invest inordinate amounts of their mobile phone, but still want to indulge in the joys of Android.

From this perspective, the Galaxy Y succeeds his bet with a very low selling price of about 130 euros in the webmarchand the cheapest of our price comparison ... and 144.76 euros in the Free Mobile. And that's where the trouble begins for the smartphone from Samsung. If it is inherently correct for the asking price, it is literally in the same scan by the Free Mobile ZTE Blade S. The latter is offered the same price as the Galaxy Y. Yet it is much more superior technically and in terms of performance.
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