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Samsung Galaxy S Advance2013 tips

how to unlock your mobile 2013 tips
The Galaxy S Advance is a smartphone Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread). The first thing you notice with this smartphone is its resemblance to the classic S Galaxy. This is actually a version a little more advanced.

Like its predecessor, we find the same black hull and a 4-inch touchscreen (800 x 480 pixels) and technology "Super AMOLED". The Galaxy S Advance also includes the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and can capture high definition video (1280 x 720 pixels). Note that the media player is still as complete as it can play video formats: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX, VC-1.

To share multimedia content, DLNA allows the Galaxy S Advance to communicate? Wireless - with all other electronic devices (TV, computers?) compatible. The 8GB internal memory can be supplemented by a microSD memory card type.

If the Galaxy S Advance is based very clearly for the Galaxy S design, eyeing it, however a little on the side of the Galaxy S2 in terms of specifications. Indeed, it presents a dual-core chipset ST-Ericsson NovaThor 8500 1 GHz and supported by 768 MB of memory (RAM).
Samsung expands its midrange with the Galaxy S Advance. This Android smartphone incorporates and improves most of the capabilities of the first Galaxy S, without going to walk on the beds of the Galaxy S2, whose price has dropped. A credible alternative?

Heightened competition between Android and the shadow of the Galaxy S2 whose price has fallen since its release, the Samsung Galaxy S Advance can not necessarily conquered territory. The new Android smartphone comes immediately to position itself as a mid-range device. Despite the context referred to at the moment, it is far from irrelevant arguments when it comes to charm.

As its name suggests, without a shadow of a doubt, the Galaxy S Advance is an evolution of the Galaxy S first came out two years ago. Samsung has obviously seen his copy for this updated version a little more glue to the zeitgeist. The manufacturer has not changed everything since the main improvement is to pick the side of the heart chipset dual ST-Ericsson's U8500 NovaThor 1 GHz and supported by 768 MB of memory (RAM).

Test Galaxy S Advance: smartphone on box

Otherwise, the features are roughly equivalent with a Super AMOLED screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and 16 million displayable colors. As for the photo sensor, it has 5 megapixel camera and is able to shoot 720p HD.

Connectivity is however well in tune with the times since in addition to the usual compatibility with 3G + (HSDPA at 14.4 Mbps and HSUPA at 5.76 Mbps), Bluetooth 3.0, GPS (A-GPS) or Wi-Fi a / b / g / n, Advance to the Galaxy S also shows ready for the NFC.

Test Galaxy S Advance: the smartphone box

Pack contents

• A 1500 mAh battery
• A wired stereo headset
• A microUSB cable
• A mains charger
• The quick start manual

Samsung does not provide a memory card in the pack despite the presence of a dedicated card reader in the smartphone. However, we do not keep him in rigor since the smartphone has 8 GB of internal memory.

Advance the Galaxy S is the family of the first Galaxy S. Just take a look at the design of the device so that the thing does more doubt. The front of this smartphone is indeed a virtual copy and paste of his predecessor. Samsung has added still slightly less rounded angles, as the Galaxy S2. This little mix designs longer young could fall flat because of the age of the devices mentioned just now. But the result is finally pleasant, if not transcendent.

Test Galaxy S Advance: design

In addition, the Galaxy S Advance does not suffer the same defect as the first line in terms of manufacturing quality. Her hull is of course also made entirely of plastic, but this coating is very good here. It seems by no means "cheap", the whole being perfectly assembled. Add to that a thickness of 9.7 mm and 120 grams on the scale and get a smartphone for pleasant grip. It offers, in addition, a slightly curved profile to enhance her outfit that is reminiscent of the Galaxy Nexus with the same manufacturer. Its very reasonable size for a mobile carrying a 4-inch screen makes it slips into the pocket without worry of trousers, a shirt, or a fortiori in a bag.

Test Galaxy S Advance: design

Like most Samsung Android, it has the bare minimum in terms of side buttons. Also key labeled "Home" usual flanked by two other sensitive on the front, there are two volume buttons on the left and one for on / off / lock / unlock the device. Finally, microUSB connector and mini-jack complete the picture. Note nonetheless that it is located on the lower layer of the device and not on the top as is customary.
OS + User Interface

Spent his early Android smartphones, the Galaxy and Galaxy Spica, Samsung has subsequently always delivered with the following user interface home "TouchWiz" he superimposes Android. The mobile operating system from Google is here in its version 2.3 Gingerbread. A small disappointment when you know that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for many months before the availability of the Galaxy S Advance. In addition, Samsung has not yet reported on a possible upgrade to the newest version of Android. However, the technical views of the smartphone that we are testing here and its premiere, there is no reason why it does not benefit the future of Android 4.0 ICS also.

Test Galaxy S Advance: OS interface Test + S Galaxy Advance: OS + interface

But for now, this is version 2.3.6 we have to do. And this is from her that we'll talk. Or rather of the TouchWiz interface that completely hides Android. If you have already handled a recent Samsung smartphone, you will find yourself familiar with the Galaxy S Advance. Indeed, it presents the same arrangement is seven offices and a customizable menu that includes all applications of the device. Everything turns out a foolproof classicism. We would have liked to see such a screen unlock more complete. For the rest, TouchWiz is fully functional and perfectly fulfills its function. It's not bad!
Reactivity of the smartphone

The Galaxy S Advance is a smartphone scheduled to join in the struggle of the mid-range segment, it is important not to expect a racing machine. However, its data sheet is far from ridiculous as it offers a double heart chipset ST-Ericsson's U8500 NovaThor 1 GHz and 768 MB of memory (RAM). These characteristics are somewhat below those of the former flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S2.

However, in terms of overall performance, the Galaxy S Advance is a candle to its big brother poshest. In everyday life, it is proving very fun to use and its interface does not suffer microlags he has sometimes been given to see on some other Samsung Android smartphones to launch. Unlocking is done quickly and the menu navigation is just as fluid. Similarly, applications launch immediately, even for the biggest of them.

Even when many applications are launched after the smartphone is responsive, conceding that some minor delays when the user really abused. Finally, in actual use, the Galaxy S Advance is proving so eminently enjoyable to practice everyday.
Multimedia capture (photo / video)

Like its ancestor the Galax S, Advance version has a sensor with 5 megapixel autofocus camera, assisted by a LED flash and can capture photos in resolutions up to 2560 x 1920 pixels. This smartphone is a midrange model, we certainly did not really feats from him in photography. Wrongly as it turns out finally moving much more gifted than expected. It allows you to capture images of good quality. They enjoy a level of detail for the most correct pictures taken with a 5-megapixel sensor. Ring true colors, as well as contrasts. All of this means of course with good lighting conditions. When this is not the case, the quality declines logically, despite the presence of the LED flash. The latter does indeed no miracle more than five feet of the subject.

Test Galaxy S Advance: photo sensor

For its part, capturing video is doing a little worse. It is of a good standard, but still suffers from some flaws. For starters, despite the presence of a dual chipset heart, he must be content to record 720p HD resolution, that is to say in 1280 x 720 pixels. Beyond this resolution, the videos themselves are not perfect because they suffer from a slight lack of precision. It also regrets the lack of a dedicated button for taking pictures / video on the right spine of the device.

But overall, you understand that this function is one of the pleasant surprises of the Galaxy S Advance, especially for the photo. We do not expect a clear mid-range smartphone such a treat. It arises at once as one of the very best mobile with 5-megapixel sensor market.
Multimedia playback (Photo / Video / Sound)

As with its other facets, the Galaxy S Advance is not surprising beyond measure at this time to address its multimedia functions. Starting with its picture viewer is really a foolproof classicism. It is indeed from that found in basic and Android is now available for nearly two years. Nevertheless it fulfills its function perfectly still. It displays the pictures that are in the smartphone or memory card, as a folder. Ergonomics is one such model and the reactivity of S Galaxy Advance because it runs very well. The photos are in charge without delay.

Test Galaxy S Advance: OS interface Test + S Galaxy Advance: OS + interface

The music player is of the same ilk. He holds no surprise noticeable but proves perfect in fulfilling its function. It even offers a few small refinements such as the ability to search a song from the Web or on YouTube. To delight and save time for those who also like video clips. But most important for a music player is the quality of its audio rendering. From this point of view, the Galaxy S Advance proves quite convincing. It also offers a slew of EQ to customize to better hear the sound. Aesthetically, the reader knows how to match, either by emphasizing the album art if present, either by posting pictures of generic rather pretty.

Test Galaxy S Advance: OS interface Test + S Galaxy Advance: OS + interface

Test Galaxy S Advance: OS interface Test + S Galaxy Advance: OS + interface

Let's end this round-up of multimedia features with the video player. As usual with Samsung, it proves quite powerful since it allows to read without formalities the most common formats found on the Web such as DivX / XivD or mkv. The subtitles are also supported, as long as they are named as the video to which they are attached. Reading is a very fluid as movies, series and clips are in HD 720p maximum.

Things get complicated for the videos in full HD 1080p. In most cases, the video player base simply refuses to read them. Usually, this kind of trouble can be adjusted easily on Android, uploading another video player or as Dyce Videoplayer MX Player. But even with these, video playback at 1080p is too choppy to be able to consider the watch comfortably. We think this is more because of the smartphone chipset is still new, and therefore poorly optimized by application developers, as its intrinsic power. For the Galaxy S Advance manages to read without a hitch YouTube videos in 1080p. Details still that this limitation should not unduly inconvenience the vast majority of users.

Test Galaxy S Advance: photo sensor

All these functions provide media player classic then a set course, but still oddly effective in a mid-range smartphone.

Web browser and screen

The screen is one of the main weapons of the seduction Galaxy S Advance. Samsung has made an effort to propose a tactile display on this super AMOLED smartphone midrange. This technology allows to exacerbate the colors and display a black unfathomable depth is certainly not as followers but generally much to please most users. The screen of the Galaxy S Advance 4 inches, a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It is then the same characteristics as the first screen of Galaxy S.

Of course, water has flowed under the bridge since the release of the latter. Its resolution seems a bit outdated now. Moreover, even if it is still very correct, the display is a bit behind the latest AMOLED. However, we repeat that we must not lose sight of the positioning of this smartphone. From this point of view, the overall imaging of the screen is a very good level. Watch a movie or visit the Web poses no particular problem on this display.

Test Galaxy S Advance: photo sensor

And since we are talking about the Web, now turn to the case of the Web browser. The touch panel spoke to now can enjoy it in good conditions. For real Web pages, those in a standard format not suitable for mobile, the act of placing the smartphone in landscape mode allows you to read virtually any text displayed on the screen. But for the smallest of them, it gets a little complicated. We must then go through some triturations zoom. The browser is showing very reactive, even in fairly heavy web pages, this poses no particular problem. The only case where the display can show a few jerks, that's when pages contain multiple videos into Flash. But otherwise, the flow is really the appointment.

Before concluding this test, approach the phone features of the Galaxy S Advance. The new mid-range smartphone Samsung holds no surprises for this view. Call quality in transmission and receiving calls is absolutely correct, no brownout audible. Side autonomy, it takes just under two days in average use, which pretty decent by these days.

Finally, the Galaxy S Advance does not suffer any major flaw in the absolute. If we relate its qualities in addition to its price, it even becomes a very good deal. It has indeed revealed fluid, responsive, comfortable with a screen and a very good capture in multimedia. Excellent results for a smartphone offered automatically for this award.

Test Galaxy S Advance: design

The problem for him is that his most serious competitor is fetching from the same manufacturer as this is the Galaxy S2. Some will object that these two smartphones do not play in the same way, and they are right. The Galaxy S2 is greater than the S Advance Galaxy on all points. But the price gap between the two models is not very high, of about fifty euros only in hard off-package. We therefore advise those who can afford to spend a little more to move more towards the former flagship of Samsung. He certainly has aged a bit, but it is a safe bet. However, if you notice a price difference between the two most sensitive smartphones, including offers with subscription, please bring your choice of the Galaxy S Advance.
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